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Sending money abroad using the banks is slow and expensive. Using DirektWire to send money is up to 10 times cheaper than the banks and transfers can be done instantly. Send money abroad using your debit or credit card with our online money transfer service.



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Send Money with Transparent Exchange Rates

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Check our exchange rates before you send money.

Some of the banks will use their own exchange rate when you transfer money, not the market rate. This lets them earn an extra percentage every time your send money. We don’t do this. We use the mid-market rate which anyone can check at any time so you always know that you are getting a fair deal.

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Why Send Money with DirektWire?


Easy to Use

Whether on desktop or mobile you will always know where your money is


Safe and Secure

We use the same security as banks! Your money is in safe hands


Fast Delivery

We can deliver your money in zero to one business day


Top customer service

If you ever need support, we are here to help.


Excellent rates

Save up to 60% vs. your bank and other online money transfer providers


100% money back guarantee

All transactions are protected by our 100% guarantee

Our app is coming soon, allowing you to send money on more devices