Frequently Asked Questions

These are words peculiar and meaning same thing, used when money is been send to family and friends around the world for meeting immediate needs i.e school fees, hospital bills etc.
Yes simply go to Create a profile, fill the online instruction and submit to transfer your money. You may also download direktwire app at android or app stores on your mobile devices, Create a profile, fill the instruction and send your money.
Direktwire will retain your detail for future transfer on its website or mobile app.You can sign in with your login details as created on your profile.
Certainly No, you can only update your profile with change(s) in address or Phone number with new prove
Yes your biodata and one of your IDs either international passport, Drivers license and a Prove of address is required to create a profile.
A received confirmation is sent to your phone/email with verifiable code in case of delivery error.
Yes before it is transferred but once its successfully done, you cannot get refund.
The cost of transfer can be determined when you try to transfer funds. At the later stage of the transfer process you can calculate your fee.
We send to all major banks in Nigeria, all we need are your beneficiaries or recipients bank account details, that is their bank name NUBAN account number and you are ready to go.
You can send to all current, savings and credit card accounts, both individual and corporate or business accounts. In addition, we can send to mobile money wallets in Nigeria from banks offering mobile money services, such as GT Bank or Ecobank mobile money etc.
Nigerian Naira only. At the moments we cannot credit USD, EUR or GBP accounts popularly known as domiciliary accounts in Nigeria
We have a cap on send amount for example you cannot send more than the amount stipulated on the system in GBP or NGN, this would change from time to time, currently you cannot send higher than GBP 2,000 or its equivalent in NGN based on the prevailing exchange rate.
a. Full name. This is necessary and to avoid delays on your transfer, the beneficiary or recipients name should match the name on their bank account
b. Address
c. Bank name
d. Account number. This should be the 10 digit NUBAN account number for example 5121345678
e. Email
f. Telephone (mobile)
Important notice: Please ensure that all your beneficiary or recipients details are correct, because this could lead to failure in transfer or delays.
a. We have different modes of transfer, the longer the mode the better the exchange rate
b. Usually the account is credited within 0-1 business days, although we would do our best to make sure your beneficiary or recipients receives the transfer in an instant, i.e. within a few minutes to an hour
c. Occasionally, we or our local partners may require certain documentations from you as is required for our regulatory and compliance obligations. In such instances we would contact you, but be rest assured we would do our best to ensure you have a hitch free money transfer experience

Things to Know Before Transferring

First off:- before you can send money on our platform you must register for to be a member of Direkt Wire (DW) and during our registration process we ask for your ID as a verification method. This is because as a financial institution we must know our customer, that is we know who is making a transfer with us.

1. Sending money facts: the name on your bank account or card should be same as the name or match your name on Direkt Wire.

Joint account Holders: unfortunately, we currently do accept funds from joint account holders. But we look forward to providing a solution in the future.

2. Sending your money: to pay for your transfer, we have three payment methods which are as follows:

  • Account transfer – when you choose accounts transfer as a payment method while inputting your transfer details, you would be given a DW local account to pay into. Upon making the transfer be sure to quote the transfer reference number for example: RAXXXXXXXXXXXX, this would enable us to trace your transfer quickly and make payment to your beneficiary.

  • Debit or credit card transfer: this is the fastest method of processing your transfer, but for this method we are highly critical to ensure that the card details provided matches your account details with DW. Therefore, do ensure that a debit or credit card you use is yours and the name on the card matches the card details. For this transfer we make use of secure trading which is PCIDSS compliant and 3D secure to give you additional assurance that your details are safe.

  • Sofort Banking: payments can be made to DW via Sofort Banking. Sofort enables direct payments vis online banking. Therefore, it helps you make payments the easy way with your own online banking details – fast and direct. And for us it is also a means of payment as fast as using a debit or credit card, and it is also safe and secure, for more information visit

3. Use correct details in your profile: when you setup your profile make use as much as possible your correct details, your full name (your phone number, email and address or correspondence address details should be as correct as possible. name on your bank account or card should be same as the name or match your name on Direkt Wire.

4. No cash or cheque – DW is a fully online business, and therefore we cannot accept or send out cash or cheques. You can use us to send money from a bank account to a bank account.