Why Choose Us

Direktwire your choice friend assists you in making person to person financial transactions to other countries particularly countries in which we have partnerships with banks and pay out partners. You can send money directly to a family member or a friend or a business in a different country. We handle the exchange rate and charge a small fee for our services. Our fees are flexible and transparent, you know exactly where your money is going and that your family member or friend or business is getting the most money possible with a Direktwire transaction.

We understand how important that transfer can be. You may be sending money for necessary supplies like food, shelter or medicine. You could be sending money to pay bills. We understand how important these money transfers are to you and to your recipient.

Direktwire accepts your transfer from your credit or debit card or online bank account and transfers the funds straight to the bank account of the person or company you want to receive the money. There is nothing that the recipient needs to do on their side; once the transfer is complete the money will appear instantly in their account. It’s that simple!!!

We truly believe that money transfers should be easy. They shouldn’t be a burden in any way. Sending money to your family or friends or a company should not cause stress or problems. With Direktwire, we make transferring money simple and affordable. Fill out the forms on our services page, and we’ll take care of the rest.